Quality Work, On Deadline and On Budget

Acadia works with our customers/partners to develop solutions. Then, using a combination of our highly trained craftsmen, quality materials and our unique project management system, we bring the project in on deadline and on budget with minimal if any disruption.


Philadelphia, PA

Before:   An older community with deteriorating wood siding over and under inefficient aluminum windows.

After:  Weather sealed structure under new vinyl siding.  New sliding windows over tempered glass picture windows>  Tremendous increase in curb appeal.


Northern Virginia

Before:  Large single pane aluminum windows wasting enormous amounts of energy.

After:  Multi-chambered highly efficient sliding windows over pictures have substantially decreased utility bills and enhanced the appearance of these buildings.


Harrisburg, PA

Before:  Drafty patio doors and windows kept the occupancy rate of this community to minimums.

After:  Weather tight energy efficient vinyl sliding patio doors and Acadia’s very efficient windows offer savings to residents and increased the occupancy substantially.


Silver Spring, MD

Before:  Dated appearance and inefficient windows and patio doors with increased energy costs created a high turnover rate.

After:  New High Performance vinyl products manufactured and installed by Acadia generated a positive leasing environment for both the agent and prospective renter.


Hummelstown, PA

Before:  The cold climate of central Pennsylvania caused considerable complaints from the residents at this location.

After:  Heating and cooling complaints went to near zero and the residents commented on the new and refreshing look of the community.


Baltimore, MD

Before:  A very dated look on this quality community with aluminum windows, doors, steel patio rails and singled accents.

After:  Acadia not only replaced the inefficient windows and doors but removed and replaced the shingles, railings and other features to increase the curb appeal and resident comfort.


Whitemarsh, MD

Before:  Old siding accents, windows and doors made for a less than satisfactory appearance.

After:  New Acadia High Performance windows, doors and Acadia installed siding generated a fresh and attractive appearance while offering a leasing advantage by being able to offer low utility costs.


High Rise

Philadelphia, PA

Before:35+ year old windows were causing problems for this management company because of high energy costs and resident complaints.

After:  Carefully engineered windows made with the best components and materials allow Acadia to manufacture and install efficient, long lasting vinyl windows in high rises.


Northern Virginia

Before:  A condominium project.  Acadia’s experienced staff attended owners meetings, presenting our company and it’s talents.

After:  Acadia’s installed their high performing efficient vinyl windows in this high rise generating complete satisfaction with each individual owner of their condo.


Landover, MD

Before:  30 year old horribly inefficient aluminum windows and patio doors were causing headaches for all.

After:  New, attractive, efficient multi-chambered vinyl windows and patio doors with high performance glass packs worked much better to relieve the headaches than any medicine available.


Washington, DC

Before:  Another condominium project:  This high end community comprised of two similar structures was due for a energy efficient facelift.

After:  Acadia worked with the individual owners who wanted newly engineered efficient aluminum windows and doors.  Acadia contracted with a reputable manufacturer of high end fenestration products and installed them utilizing their own installers on schedule and on price.


Washington DC beltway region

Before:  A community of eight large high rises was in bad need of new windows and doors.

After:  This particular building is half completed with Acadia’s commercially rated windows much to the delight of the residents.


Entry Ways

Columbia, MD

Before:  Exposed stair system was beginning to deteriorate due to harsh weather.  This would have been extraordinarily expensive to repair or replace.  A cleaning crew had to clean these stairwells daily to properly maintain them.

After:  Completely enclosing the opening with Acadia’s vinyl and glass system eliminates the opportunity for exposure related corrosion to occur.  The daily cleaning chores went from daily to minimal weekly effort.


Rockville, MD

Before:  Very dated building exterior.  Note the floor to ceiling window openings and the aluminum entry.  Inefficient and presents poor curb appeal.

After:  Knee wall structure built by Acadia with new windows installed above.  Replaced the aluminum entry with an attractive, efficient full height vinyl system.


Reisterstown, MD

Before:  30 year old wood entry required a high level of ongoing maintenance.  Scraping, painting and continual door service work.

After:  Acadia’s vinyl system requires virtually no maintenance and the full length mesh gear type hinge on the door itself will withstand decades of use without adjustment or service.


Jenkinstown, PA

Before:  This old property was attractive in its day but the glass block was breaking and the typical three hinge door required constant maintenance.

After:  By replacing the glass block much more light was entering the stairwell and an updated, modern appearance was put forth.  The reinforced vinyl door, one piece hinge and an electronic entry system made these entries beautiful and secure.


Philadelphia, PA

Before:  Old deteriorating glass block was presenting a dangerous situation for the residents of this fine community.  Plus the curb appeal was not what these apartments deserve with the dated look.

After:  Acadia’s modern, attractive, durable multi-chambered vinyl and high efficiency glass packs made these beautiful buildings even more so.  Plus the fact that the ownership company was saving untold dollars in heating these stairwells.


Owings Mills, MD

Before:  A two sided open stairwell (back not shown) presented security and weather related concerns for this ownership group.

After:  Acadia responded to the request enclosing both sides with normal construction methods and installing Acadia’s windows, doors, sidelights and an electronic locking system in the buildings.  Acadia’s installers can do much more than install windows and doors.


Before:  Wood high maintenance door with wood sidelights.  Scrape, paint and adjust.

After:  Glass and vinyl entry with our extraordinary door and hinge system eliminates ongoing maintenance and increases curb appeal.


Before:  Dated and energy inefficient aluminum entry enclosure with an awning that blocks much of the available light.

After:  A cheery light filled high performance vinyl entry with Acadia’s durable door/hinge system presents a completely new appearance and reduces energy costs.


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